Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tea Rant: The Papaya Scandal of 2010

I have just finished a 1 year subscription to Teavana's Tea of the Month club and I wanted to make some observations. First is that it is really convenient to just have tea sent every month without having to think about it. Bing Bang Boom another month goes by and I get 3 2oz packages in the mail. Second is that Teavana has really quality teas. I haven't once been disappointed because something tasted cheap. That being said I have definitely been disappointed. For the money it is cheaper  to order a bunch of various teas from different companies on a monthly basis. I mean I could have spent $10 a month on tea and come out about even. As for the convenience factor, it is not that difficult to go online and purchase something. 10 minutes a month over 12 months that's 2 hours for the entire year. Still overall not that bad a deal but my main problem is Papaya. I know some people love the stuff but I think it smells like butt and tastes like what I presume butt tastes like (having never had the opportunity to taste butt I have no real experience with its actual taste.) It seems that Teavana is on a crusade to include some sort of dried or candied Papaya in at least 50% of their teas. Every month I would expectantly open my Teavana package and be disappointed to find a least one of the teas included the dreaded Candied Papaya making it completely useless. Like I said it wasn't a matter of cheapness just poor choice of ingredients. My recommendation after a years worth of triumphs and tragedies with the tea of the month club? If you want to try new teas go to a local tea shop make friends with the people working there and ask them for recommendations. They can help you choose teas that are suited for your tastes. Its the best of both worlds, new tea + good taste = happy Danny. 

To fill out the book section I have just started re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Just saw the movie and don't want to wait 6 months for the conclusion.


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