Thursday, June 23, 2011

Night Hike

The full moon brings a few things to mind; werewolves, pagan sacrifices and night hikes. Over the past few months I was determined to encounter one of these three. After being thwarted by poor weather, an aversion to overt idolatry and the lack of knowledge of where to find a werewolf, I was getting a bit antsy. The full moon was coming up again and I was jonesen for a sweet hike before the moon retreated for another month. I hate to admit it but I am quite the social creature, paralyzingly so sometimes. I wanted to go on a night hike but I hate doing things alone so I went about propositioning friends and acquaintances like a cheap whore. Things were looking dim until fellow adventurer and United States hero Sam agreed to hike (he was also the one who suggested the location.) So with a real american riding shotgun in Tabbi the Geo Metro extraordinare we took off down moonlit highways and back roads until we came to our destination. We hiked to the top of a small hill/mountain. We had to climb around a gate with a sign that I can only assume read, Trespasser's Welcome. It was a short hike and at the top we were rewarded with the most amazing view plus an empty water tower (aside from the bats) to perch on top of. Below are the pictures. Please enjoy and try to avoid the feeling of deep seated regret that you neglected to accompany us on this fantastic adventure. 

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